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Home Staging Edmonton and De-cluttering Edmonton 

Revealing Assets, a company owned and operated by Rhonda Wilson -CSP™, officially commenced business as of June 01, 2009. Rhonda was born and raised, and currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta.

Revealing Assets operates in, and is serving Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding area within a 100 km radius. We may expand to all of Northern Alberta dependent on demand.

Rhonda attended N.A.I.T.'s Business Administration Diploma Program, and the University of Alberta for a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology. She worked with Canada Revenue Agency for many years, and also has a diverse resume focused around Customer Relations and Office Administration.

There comes a time in everyone's lives, though, where we strive to discover our dream job. We all know what I am speaking of. So, Rhonda did just this and decided she absolutely needed to make a change and find a career where she could combine her interests, passions, natural talents, and skills. This is where she could flourish, and enjoy life to its fullest. Life is way too short. We HAVE to make the most of our time here.

Rhonda's interests include closely following Real Estate market trends, exploring Home Design and Decorating, studying Home Staging concepts, studying Feng Shui concepts, learning about Sociology and Psychology, and skydiving.

Her passions consist of Staging homes for sale, Re-Designing living spaces for people, Decluttering spaces in homes and offices for people, increasing the flow of positive energy in homes and offices, and increasing curb appeal of homes. Most importantly, the majority of her passion in life lies in helping others, and striving to make others feel important, worthy, acknowledged, and wonderful.

Through much life practice, and a large amount of feedback from others, she also discovered her natural talents. She has a great ability to read others, is a great listener, and is very compassionate. She has a comprehensive aptitude for knowing what appeals to the masses when it comes to home buying. Her impeccable eye for all aspects of Interior Design, Home Staging and Re-Design, and Home Decluttering and Organizing is very detail oriented, yet creative and effective.

So, when you throw all of the above personality traits and skills into one big pot, mix them all together, and strive to create the perfect profession for her........you end up with a masterpiece. You end up with a savory, creative fusion, and the title we give it is "Home Stager and Re-Designer".

She also recognizes the fact that we, as consumers, have become more and more leary of hiring businesses to carry out tasks for us, as it is so hard to know who to trust. In order to succeed in any business, the goal should be to be as reputable as possible. This is when she knew, that even though she has a natural talent for this business, she still needed to become accredited in what she loves.

She graduated with honors from Haverhill Institute of Home Staging and Re-Design. She is now officially a Canadian Certified Accredited Home Stager and Re-Designer. Included in the course was a comprehensive Decluttering component. Another point to mention about Haverhill's wonderful course is that the practical, applied, hands-on component provides students with invaluable experience. Assignments were completed in actual clients' homes.

Rhonda Wilson has now officially attended Certified Staging Professionals' Home Staging course, and is, additionally, an official Canadian Certified Staging Professional -CCSP™.