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Home Energy Cleansing for a Faster Sale

Posted on May 24, 2012 at 12:45 AM

There are many things to consider when preparing your home to sell. There is curb appeal, Decluttering, De-personalizing, upgrades, repairs, Staging, and Cleaning. 

One thing that most REALTORS and home-owners overlook is the energy of the home.

Negative energy in a home can leave prospective buyers feeling uneasy during the initial viewing of the home, but can also stick with them. You have heard people say, "Something about the property just didn't feel right. I can't put my finger on it, but I know it isn't for me."

This negative energy accumulates in the home over time as a result of many factors. Some of these factors can include traumatic events that have occured in the home such as; illness, death or suicide, arguments, failed marriages resulting in divorce, and any conflict.

Things may have happened in the home that the owner is not aware of. It is always a good idea to cleanse your home whether it be a place you've lived in for years or somewhere you've just moved into. You are then left with a positive clean slate within which you are ready to create your own happy memories.

During a Home Energy Cleansing Session, I will treat all areas of your home, yard, and land to remove any negative energy and protect the property against future negativity.

Over the span of your session, I will use my training in Usui Reiki to push out all of the bad energy and to fill your home with light and love. I utilize many tools to accomplish this such as sea salt and lemon, honeysuckle, sage and lavender smudge, and crystals. Your home's energy will be transformed from stale, stagnant, and unsettling, to a warm and welcoming space.

If you have a space that requires Energy Cleansing, please contact me, Toni Harris, through Revealing Assets, or call me directly at 587-986-0461.

Pricing starting at $80 for a 1 Hour session.

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