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This Week's Top 10 Items That NEED to be packed away When Your Home is being Shown for Sale

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 12:15 AM

This is the first installment of a weekly post revealing a week in the life of an Edmonton Home Stager.

We want to showcase actual inappropriate items we have found out in plain view in homes for sale in the Edmonton market during our various Home Staging services performed for our clients.

Our goal is to help our sellers see their properties SOLD. A buyer’s psyche is working in over-drive while viewing potential “New Homes”.

It can sometimes be a seemingly very small detail that deters them from making an offer on a property.

The items we list, if left out in plain view during a viewing of your property, absolutely HAVE to be packed away to ensure you are not offending, frightening, or disgusting a potential buyer.

Top 10 Offensive items we saw this week that ABSOLUTELY need to be packed away for showings:

1. The highchair, blankie, bottle, and key-ring toy all set up in the basement cold-storage room (that had an exterior lock installed) with the back of the chair facing the door.

2. The master bedroom en-suite bathroom’s sink full of sudsy water in which various sex-toys were soaking.

3. The large bulk box of Tampax sitting open on the floor beside the toilet in the main bathroom with the waste basket full of related refuse.

4. The sex-swing installed in the basement with one of the kids’ teddy-bears strapped into it.

5. The coffee table completely littered with Holocaust literature.

6. The kitchen island with the beautiful fruit bowl that was also doubling as a storage caddy for Preparation H, Vagasil, Denture Cream, and Senokot.

7. Large decorative urn as the only accessory on the fireplace mantle with Grandpa’s name engraved on the front in bold, obvious font.

8. Package of the seller’s Boudoir Photo Package prints spread out on the kitchen table.

9. Large amount of very intimate lingerie strewn out on the bed in the master bedroom as if seller had wanted to take stock and clearly see every single piece she owns all at once.

10. Open, and obviously sticky, Econo-sized bottle of KY Jelly sitting on the bed-side table in the teen-aged son’s bedroom.

As I typed this out, I realized that it may seem far-fetched that home-sellers actually leave these types of things out in the open. But, the truth is that if a property sits on the market for some time, the occupants become complacent and tend to forget that strangers may be traipsing through the house at some point that day. I always say, “The longer you can manage to live as if you are in a hotel, the faster your home will sell”.

We plan on documenting our strange finds every week, and will only list the Top 10 worst offences.


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