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If your Life Depended on it....

Posted on August 8, 2010 at 7:34 PM

As someone who possesses an incredible passion for helping others who struggle with clutter, my research NEVER ceases.


I was just watching one of my favourite shows on TLC, “Hoarding – Buried Alive”, and one of the psychologists was visiting a fellow in his cluttered home.


While they were standing (straddling) amongst the clutter in the living room, the psychologist asks the client, “If you were to hear these words, FIRE, YOU NEED TO GET OUT NOW!!, what would your reaction be?”


The client’s face went white, and he responded, “Oh, I’m gone. I’m out right now!”


So, the psychologist asked, “Is there any item that comes to mind when you consider you may have a moment to grab anything in your home that is incredibly important to you, something you cannot bear to lose in the fire?”


Again, the client’s face went white, and you could see the epiphany spread across his face, and he replied, “No, there is absolutely NOTHING in this mess that I NEED.”


I Loved this! What a great question to ask my clients. What a great question for someone to have asked me back when I had to endure my struggle with my clutter on my own. This is a great way to induce some serious self-analysis!!


Enough said....for now.

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