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How do they come up with all of these Home Staging Statistics anyway?

Posted on November 21, 2010 at 4:18 AM

I have Realtors®, home-sellers, and potential clients ask me consistently.


As a Home Staging Professional, I love to blog on regularly expressed areas of concern or confusion.


Statistics.... If you have been keen on the Real Estate Market for any amount of time, you have seen or heard all of the claims and numbers regarding the efficacy of Home Staging when listing a property for sale.


1. Home Staging sells a property in up to 50% less time, and for 7-10% more money.

2. In 2009, over 98% of buyers stated that they created their “short-list” of homes to view solely on the internet.

3. The most important, longest lasting, first impression is made as the buyer walks through your front door, and is created and solidified all within a mere 4-6 seconds.

4. 8 out of 10, or 80% of people are spatially challenged and cannot determine available floor-space in a property unless there are existing furnishings and decor for a sense of scale.

5. Home Staging provides, on average, a 586% ROI (return on investment).

6. Vacant Homes sit for, on average, double the amount of time on market than Staged Unoccupied Homes.


The list goes on, and on.


Quite impressive.


But, if you are anything like me, we are always scrutinizing published “Stats”, as there are so many factors that can influence the results of any study.


Some common questions I ask about any Statistics are what was the composition of the sample group utilized, which company did this study, how many people were in that sample group, and how do I know if the results have not been skewed based on biases of the group who ordered the study?


Well, I am here to tell you that I would NOT quote these stats or publish them on my website if I was not 150% confident that these statistics are, in fact, quite modest.


As a Home Stager, I work with Home-sellers on a daily basis. Guess what?


All Home-Sellers are also currently Home-Buyers....at the same time. If they are selling their home, obviously, they are also searching for their new home. All of the Home Staging Statistics describe purchasing behaviours of BUYERS, and what moves them to make a healthy offer on a property.


I am literally conducting accurate, up-to-the-minute market research every day as part of my profession. I TALK to my clients. I ask my clients questions. To be successful at what I do, I crave and require information from my clients whom are all Home-Sellers AND Home-Buyers.


I consistently confirm that Buyers WILL pass the Vacant listings by because they all look and feel the same....Cold, empty, and way smaller than they actually are.

I consistently confirm that Buyers WILL NOT make an offer on a cluttered, dirty, dated, or decrepit property.

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, my own personal Business Statistics prove that properties that have been Professionally Staged do sell in half the time and for at least 7-10% more money.

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