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Simple, yet Effective De-cluttering Tip #1

Posted on February 19, 2011 at 4:04 PM

Join us here regularly for amazingly simple and quick, yet effective and impactful De-Cluttering tips for your home and/or office!

Tip #1

Pick a closet, any closet. But, pick a closet where you hang apparel of some sort.

This can be an entry-way/mud-room coat closet, a bedroom closet...etc.

Open the door.

What do you see in there?

Does it look like AND feel like chaos?

Take a look closer at the actual hangers being used...

Are you looking at a row of hangers made of varying materials/colours/sizes?

Have no fear, as the majority of human beings own a very ecclectic collection of hangers in their homes/offices.

Much of the angst we get when we open our closets comes directly from the visual chaos, which is increased monumentally by the make-up of your hanger collection.

Try this: Run out to Zellers or Walmart and purchase as many cheap clothing hangers as you need. Take them home and remove all old hangers from a single closet. Transplant the clothing onto the new, ALL MATCHING, hangers that you have purchased. Hang everything back up.

Close the door.

Stand back.

Approach that closet door once again, and re-open that door.

Ahhhhhhh. You will be absolutely floored at how much better that looks. But, more importantly, the shift in feeling evoked from opening that closet door is amazing!!!

Now, what to do with the hangers that you removed from the closet?

You can take them to any dry-cleaner or laundromat and donate them, as they always have a need for hangers. You could also try an assisted-living community, as they may use them for crafts or visitors' coat closets.

Have fun!!

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