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Simple, yet Effective De-Cluttering Tip #2

Posted on February 27, 2011 at 12:41 AM

How many of us hang on to articles of clothing for way too long because we are absolutely convinced that we WILL fit into them again....some day?

I used to do this. I was certain that I would some day return to 135 lbs, which was my weight for ages 15-24. So my mentality was, "If I was able to maintain that weight for such large chunk of time, how could I NOT achieve that weight again in life?"

Many of us have gone through this battle, or are still going through this battle. And, it is not at all enjoyable.

The issue, when related to hanging on to all of our "what-if" clothing, grows extraordinarily.

Many of us have boxes, bags, totes, garment bags, rolling garment-racks, and piles of clothing that we continue to clutch and move with us from residence to residence. Then, we are constantly faced with a "lack of storage space", largely due to our ridiculous amounts of clothes.

Sound familiar yet?

Here is a tip that I read somewhere a few years ago. This tip literally made me stumble backwards and clutch my heart. It was the biggest epiphany I have come across in my de-cluttering journey.

CLOTHING TIP: It is, indeed, very possible that a human will obtain a goal weight in life that matches a body-weight from earlier years in life. But, the absolute fact is that, even though you may reach this same weight, your body-shape will NEVER be the same again. Through our lives, our body shapes change in ways that are tough to imagine (until, of course, you try to fit into those jeans you bought when you were 20). 

Through life, most humans lose height due to spine curvature, spinal discs compressing, posture changes, etc. Through life, we go through differing phases of where we individually tend to carry our excess weight (little pot bellies can shift upward or downward). The positioning of our hips vary throughout life. And, the list goes on. 

A Chiropractor is a great reference for these facts. 

I read this tip, and I immediately realized that even if I did return to 135 lbs, many things on my body would simply no longer be sitting in the same position. 

I realized that if I did lose the weight, and attempted to get "all dolled up" in my goal-clothing to go out and celebrate, someone may think that I was dressing up for Halloween as Steven Urkel!

This tip alone was what I personally needed to push me to do a HUGE purge of clothing. 

What do you do with all of your clothing that you are purging? Donate, consign, sell, donate, donate, donate. There are so many options out there for charities who are in constant need of clothing for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Think this tip over, and I truly hope that this helps at least one person "see the light".

Another thing to be mindful of: How can you expect to ever purchase yourself a nice new outfit if there is no room to store it when you get it home. MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW!

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