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Simple, yet effective, De-cluttering Tip #3

Posted on March 14, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Through life, we have loved ones who pass on and leave us their treasures or simply gift them to us while they are still with us.

Some examples of these items can be any of the following: Doilies, hand-knitted goods, excess kitchen utensils, "decorative" baskets, dated furniture pieces, LP collections, rusty "handy" took kits, sealed tins of shortbread from 1964, stemware, traveller collector spoon collections (this was my particular beasty), and the list goes on and on.

You get the picture.

These items fill boxes, bags, bins, and simply take up precious space. We move them from home to home as we travel through life. The items stay somewhat sealed in boxes and tossed in the corner of our storage spaces in our home.

Are you treasuring these gifts? Do you have them out on display for you and all of your visitors to enjoy? 

Or are they packed away, gathering dust, getting beat up, and being generally neglected?

If you answered yes to any of  the second line of questions, then you are disrespecting these items. But, not only that.....wait for it....you are directly disrespecting the person who gifted the items to you. 

The first question I always ask myself is whether I believe that I am paying proper respect to the item. I then ask if the loved one who gave it to me would appreciate knowing where the item was being kept. 

If my answers to the above questions are a big, fat NO, I now realize that I NEED to donate/sell/gift the item. Pass it on to someone else who WILL treasure and display the item for others to enjoy.

If you are truly struggling with how you are going to part with the item, regardless of your reasoning, I will give you THE De-cluttering tip for today:

If in doubt, TAKE A PICTURE!

Take a photo or two of this item that you are emotionally attached to, and even start a photo album of your acquired treasures over the year. If you are a scrap-booker, then you can also creatively add a story to the photos. Memorialize your treasures from your loved ones, and never forget the sentiment. 

BUT, a photo album takes up remarkably less space in your closet/basement/shed/drawer/spare bedroom!!!

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