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Simple, yet effective, De-cluttering Tip #4

Posted on March 21, 2011 at 9:16 PM

So, the corporate giants love to pretend to have their customers' best interests at heart when stocking their shelves with new products.

How many large stores have you gone into in search of products that offer you wonderful storage solutions?

How many of those stores seem to have aisles and shelves and display tables absolutely brimming with nothing but those ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING drawered storage towers and bins that are see-through?

This couldn't anger me any more!

These are the BIGGEST waste of a consumer's hard-earned money on the planet when it comes to seeking an escape from the clutter chaos in our homes and offices!

So, you get said "storage solution" home from the store after struggling and wrestling it in and out of your vehicle. You pull it inside, and end up finding time to get around to transferring your crafts, paperwork, bills, or your child's toys into the drawers of the tower, or into your new bin.

You seal the puppy up, stand back, and, strangely enough, you don't feel any different than before your purchase.



All you have succeeded in doing is collecting all of your clutter, and put it into a smaller pile, stuffed it into a bin or a drawer, and have now effectively put it right behind a grand magnifying glass.

There it is! Right out in the open. Your clutter on display for all to see in its magnificent glory.

It is a blatant reality that the majority of clutter-related stress is visually inspired in people. 

This stems from the idea of being able to consistently SEE incomplete To-Do lists and tasks that you keep meaning to get around to.

What does the above photo remind you of? "Oh, awesome, now I can see all of the excess linens that I hang on to, even though I no longer need or use them!"

The ability to see free-standing clutter or tasks-undone causes extreme brain clutter.

So, no, don't fall into the clear-storage-solution traps!

Of course, I ALWAYS suggest NEVER simply transplanting your clutter into a storage container of any sort until you have thoroughly sorted through your clutter, determined what you no longer use or need, purging it, and THEN, and ONLY THEN, storing what you have deemed necessary to keep!!

Save your hard-earned dollars and purchase storage solutions with doors, or, at the very least, bins and drawer-towers made of the opaque plastic. 

How do you find items in those bins if you cannot see them from the outside? Neatly label containers/drawers/cabinets. You will find that, after a while, you won't even need to be referring to the labels, and may even be able to remove the labels (which just further reduces your visual clutter).

'Nuff said for now.


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