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How about we start with that nasty crock-pot?

Posted on September 27, 2011 at 1:30 AM

By now, we have all heard the following:

"When selling your home, it is important to de-clutter!"

We have also heard that kitchens are one of the two most important spaces within a property to expend a lot of time/energy/elbow-grease.

It is a fact that the top three things that buyers have said, over and over again, that they are willing to pay more money for are fresh paint, updated flooring, and LOTS OF STORAGE SPACE.

So, now I have you focusing on your kitchen. Perfect!

When buyers view your home, they NEED to know that their kitchen supplies will easily fit into the available storage space. So, first they will quickly scan the ktichen, and provided the counter-tops are not loaded with items, they will then eye up the number and size of cupboards, whether there is an island, if that island has storage space incorporated into it, number of drawers, and then whether there is a pantry.

The vast majority of buyers WILL open at least a few of your cupboards to get an idea of depth and shelving configuration. They also want to see if there is added value by way of organizing systems installed.

First things first, however! Take a look at the following photo, and think about your first impression of this kitchen:

Now, granted, this photo is pretty extreme. But, I am pretty certain that you immediately thought, "Wow, there is absolutely no storage space in this kitchen!"

Even though you may think that this kitchen is abnormally cluttered, I do come across this situation at least a few times a week in my profession as a Home Stager. 

So, it is all fine and dandy that we hear these tips regarding having to de-clutter when selling a home. But, the question I am asked all the time is, "Where do I start?"

Our daily lives tend to be busy, hectic, and tiring. Then, we add the stress of selling our home on top of that, and our brains are literally cluttered. That is where a Professional Home Stager comes in. We are there to alleviate that headache and provide you with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step to-do list. 

A Professional Home Stager is there to help you minimize the amount of time, energy, and money you spend on preparing your home for sale. Nothing is worse than toiling away for hours or weeks on a project in your home, only to find out after the fact that you will not see any return on investment when you sell your home.

So, where to start when de-cluttering your kitchen counter-tops, cupboards, drawers, and pantry?

How about we start with that nasty crock-pot???

There are no bigger space bandits than large kitchen appliances!

Larger kitchen appliances are robbing your kitchen of VERY valuable Real Estate!

And, the funniest part is that we rarely actually use many of these large appliances.

It is never too early to start packing. After all, the end you are working towards is selling your home and moving into a new one, correct? Wouldn't it be great if you had much less packing to do once your home sells?

I say to start by packing away your crock-pot for many reasons which include the following:

* The crock-pot simply does not fit into any cupboard or pantry nicely, and many times we end up storing it on top of our cabinetry.

* The crock-pot is used to slow cook food all day long so that we have a nice, warm, and savory meal waiting for us when we get home at the end of a hectic day. So, not only have you cooked an aromatic meal, but you have allowed it between 8-10 hours to permeate your carpets, walls, and all of your soft furnishings. Lovely! BUT, one of the worst things to do while your house in on the market is cook anything spicy or "savory". The BEST scent in a home for sale is NO SCENT AT ALL!! Food smells can turn off a buyer in an instant!

* Because cleanliness is next to Godliness when selling a home, don't we want to avoid the bubbling remnants that sneak out from under the lid of the crock-pot as it cooks for 8-10 hours?

So, start with your crock-pot, move on to the mix-master, then to the blender, over yonder to the popcorn maker...to the George Foreman Grill, and I am sure you can also part (temporarily) with your toaster oven and make due with your toaster.

You get the drift. Simply go through your kitchen and pull out any and all appliances you can do without for your time on market.

And, guess what??? The more thorough you are at this step, the shorter the time-frame during which you have to do without your appliances. 

Pack it up now for the ability to use it quicker in your new HOME!

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