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Rhonda Wilson
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As a Professional Home Stager, I am obviously out there in the Real Estate Market daily.

This means that I am always engaged in conversations with Realtors(R), Home Sellers, Home Buyers, and other Real Estate Professionals.


Every day I witness a seller or a buyer making their Real Estate "moves" based primarily on what they have seen or read in the news.


These "moves" I refer to can be price-drops, decisions whether to list now or not, whether or not they start their "home" search, and, also, whether or not to spend the money on Professional Home Staging to aid in the sale of their home.


My concerns lie in the fact that the Media does have such a strong hand in, or strong-hold on the financial decisions of consumers as a whole.


So, when the Media only plays up the "lows" in the market, all it serves to do is spread negative conversation like wild-fire. The Media literally dictates, and CONTROLS the immediate destiny of the market.


This is upsetting. If we were to all join forces, as consumers, and vow to not pay attention to the News regarding Real Estate, I KNOW that the harsh peaks and valleys would eventually cease to exist. Eventually (in a perfect world), we wouldn't even see that huge influx of sellers jump on the market in the early spring flooding the market with listings.


In my experience, my observations have proven that there IS NOT a "bad" or "best" time of the year to list one's home for sale.


There will ALWAYS be a buyer for your property out there who HAS to make a move for any of a million varieties of reasons.


People get re-located with work at all times of the year. People get married at all times of the year. People get pregnant right through the year, regardless of season or temperature outside. And, people simply have life circumstances change sometimes regardless of season.


You get the drift.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the Media's role in the state of the Real Estate Market!!

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