*Home Staging in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding Areas*

Home Staging Explained and Defined......

Staging your Property for More Allure and a Quick Sale....

   Home Staging is the process of ensuring a property is being exposed in its most alluring light, and, therefore, appealing to the largest amount of potential home buyers in the current real estate market.

Actual statistics show that "a Professionally Staged Home sells in half the time, and for a 6-10% higher profit, than a home that is not Staged." And, in answer to your next question, YES, those stats also apply to Vacant/Unfurnished properties.

Home Staging in a property is the art of making minor adjustments in order to highlight or draw attention to the desireable structural and functional elements of the property. When attempting to sell a property, it is imperative that the atmosphere is such that anyone entering the home feels warm, comfortable, and welcome.

Potential buyers need to easily be able to visualize themselves living in the space. With a quick scan of each space in the home, buyers want to be able to envision their own furnishings fitting right in. This is where it is paramount to remember that, while you may have a great eye for design, your ideas may not necessarily appeal to everyone. We have to be mindful that potential home buyers out there are a very diverse group at all times. In the same open house, you could have retired couples, young growing families, young singles, couples with no children, and/or persons with disabilities coming to view the home. Let's increase your chances of appealing to the majority of the visitors.

One of the most important things to remember when Staging a Home for Sale is that you are trying to sell the available space in the home, not the "stuff" in the home. Items or furnishings in a space that are too personal end up distracting the buyer from what they are there to view. This is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp in the dicipline of Home Staging, and ends up being a concept that most home-owners don't have the time to decipher on their own. Then there is the imperative need to adjust and fine-tune each space to increase the fluidity and flow of positive energy, and decrease or completely eliminate the negative energy. A non-accredited, non-certified "Home Stager" is usually not well-versed in the Feng Shui aspects of home staging either.

So, in comes the Professional Home Stager!

The yields produced from Staging your Home FAR outweigh the cost!

The Real Estate market is ALWAYS incredibly competetive, so you NEED your property to stand out like a diamond in the rough. If your home doesn't show well, you are in trouble. Like Tom Cruise said in "Jerry Macquire", "You had me at hello...". You want people to drive up to view your home, and as they are getting out of the vehicle, saying, "I can already feel that this is the ONE."

From the curb, throughout the entire home, out the back door, to the back gate, appearances and emotions evoked are everything. A first impression is made within the initial four-six (4-6) seconds. A first impression is very difficult to erase, even impossible. It is ALL in the details!!

The obvious benefits to your home selling quicker are that you save time and make more money in the end. And, if you are using a Real Estate Agent, he/she makes more money, and makes it sooner. The Professional Home Stager you hired is also elated, because he/she was able to help you accomplish your goals in a timely fashion, and was able to make his/her client happy.

Everyone wins when you decide to hire a Professional Home Stager! Home Staging is a relatively new industry in Edmonton, Alberta, and in the Province of Alberta in its entirety. The trend, however, is growing like wildfire, and consumers are starting to take notice as they witness the direct incredible benefits of Home Staging in a property listed for sale. 

But, BEWARE!!! Do check to ensure that your chosen Home Stager is actually Certified/Accredited by a credible Institute. The Staging industry is not yet as regulated as it should be, meaning that there are a lot of Home Stagers out there operating businesses with no formal certification or education. There are always many "fly-by-night" training companies/academies cropping up offering on-line certificate programs, with no real credentials, with the intention of making a fast buck before they disappear altogether. A lot of people seem to think that if they are well educated in other diciplines, love watching HGTV, and know how to match their outfits that they wear, that they must be able to be successful Home Stagers.

This is very much not the case. Home Staging is vastly different than Interior Decorating. Home Staging has to delve into the psyche of the home buyer. So, again, BUYER BEWARE. Ask to see the Home Stager's Certification. If they cannot produce this, I would highly suggest thinking twice about hiring them.