*Home Staging in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding Areas*


* What types of payment do you accept?

Current accepted methods of payment are Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Debit Card. We also accept payment for all services via PayPal, through which you can pay with Credit Card. If a client prefers to pay via PayPal, due to payment clearing time-frames, payment must be made in advance of services being performed.

For payment for our workshops, Credit Card and Debit Card payments will be accepted on day of workshop, or pre-payment can also be made through this website via PayPal.

* When does payment become due for services performed by Revealing Assets?

Payment is due in full at the end of your consultation appointment. Payment will be due in the amount of full intended service estimate. Any services agreed upon to be completed will be paid for in advance of completion of services.

* If you suggest any type of renovations such as painting, flooring replacement, wall repairs, and so forth, do you carry out the work for us?

No. We do, however, have access to many reputable, insured/bonded, BBB registered, reliable, skilled Trades people, and will arrange these services for you if agreed upon.

* I noticed that most Home Staging and Decluttering companies only have very costly service packages available. How are you different?

You are very right! When we started researching the start-up of this company, we also noticed very quickly that there are literally no companies out there offering affordable options. This is where we wanted to help people out and be a little different than the other companies. We FULLY recognize and understand that the process of selling a property can already be financially draining. So we wanted to offer more solutions at varying price-points in order to better satisfy more individuals' budgetary requirements.

 * We are listing a Vacant/Empty property for sale. Would you suggest we have the property Staged for sale? And, if so, why?

Yes. Absolutely. There are many benefits realized when one has a Vacant property Professionally Staged for sale. Humans are quite visually driven, but the majority of us have difficulties determining/getting a feel for the amount of available space in a room/property without existing free-standing items for point-of-reference. Because 98% of Home Buyers start their search, and finalize their short-list of properties they intend to view, strictly on the Internet, they are obviously relying on Property Descriptions and Photographs only. When photographs are going to be your #1 source of Buyer-Interest-Generation, it is crucial that they hold the buyer's interest. If a buyer is not able to quickly determine, by glancing at the photos, whether or not the spaces within  your property will adequately house all of their belongings and their family, they will lose interest. If the listing is causing the buyer extra calculation/thought, they consider this to be more work than they bargained for. Alleviating the guesswork for them is simply achieved by having the property Staged.

We all know by now that the goal, when photographing or showing a property for sale, is to create a welcoming, warm, and spacious feel. We want the property to appeal to all buyers. We also want every potential buyer to be able to quickly envision making an offer, and moving right in. Making the property feel "just like home" to the masses is the aim here. Adding furniture pieces/accessories/rugs/artwork to spaces also serves to help the buyer determine quickly what the intended function of each space is.

All of the above only serves to sell your property in a shorter time-frame, and for more money. Typically, vacant properties take longer to sell than occupied/furnished properties, and they also typically also sell for less money.

Having a Vacant/Empty property Professionally Staged for Sale is also a lot less pricey than most people assume. The ROI is considerable, and your investment is also guaranteed to be less than the amount of your first listing-price decrease.