*Home Staging in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding Areas*

REALTORS® and Certified Staging Professionals(CSP's™)                   Partnerships for Success


One of the most beneficial partnerships a Realtor® can make is one made with a Certified Staging Professional - CSP™. Include the services of a CSP™ in your marketing presentations, and automatically increase your client's trust and faith in you as their Realtor®.


By referring to Professional Staging as a neccessity in the marketing of your client's property, you have given them confidence that you have their best interests at heart, and that you mean business when it comes to marketing and getting their property sold.


As a Realtor®, you wear more hats, on a day-in/day-out basis, then most professions out there. In a Property-Sale process, you hold the hand of the owner from start to finish, put in very long hours. You work incredibly hard for your income, and it does not go unnoticed.


Imagine a wonderful world, where your income and status can increase monumentally, and your effort expended can diminish dramatically. It is very possible to achieve this. By securing a relationship with a CSP™, you now have an invaluable tool at your disposal or beckon-call.


Securing this relationship ensures that your job becomes less labour-intensive, more pleasant, and more profitable! Let a CSP™ take care of making sure a property is show-worthy and is completely ready to photograph and list. We all know that this part of your process can sometimes prove to be quite delicate, emotional, awkward, time-consuming, and frustrating. Imagine not having to worry about that part of it, ever again.


By partnering with us, you are automatically set to save even more money and time. Canadian Certified Staging Professionals possess a long list of "Preferred Pricing" Partners. This saves you money on storage, paint, etc. Click here for a list of vendors for which our savings will be extended to you for any products/services you are seeking. 


There is a great article highlighting the benefits a Realtor® will realize when choosing to partner with a CSP™. Read it here: http://www.canadianstagingprofessionals.com/realtors.php




Our "Basic Guidance Home Staging Package" - The REALTOR favorite!


The "Basic Guidance Home Staging Package":


I meet with your seller at their property, and spend anywhere from 1 1/2 - 4 Hours with them. Together, we comb through every single square inch of the property, starting with all-important Curb Appeal, right through to the back of the property.


Along the way, I educate the client on the importance of marketing their "product" in its absolute best light. I teach them how to, and the importance of, drawing the buyers' eye to important architectural features.


I give them positve feedback on concepts or areas where they have already done a great job on their own.


I point out obvious structural isses that should be addressed, as well as any recommended upgrades (new paint, flooring, cabinet hardware, etc). I educate them on where they will see the most "bang-for-their-buck", give them estimated ROI figures, and also suggest service providers and/or retailers with whom I have preferred partnership discounts.


Then, in every space, we address floor-space, and I make suggestions and give directions on how to best optimize floor-space. I tell them exactly which items (big and small) NEED to be packed away out of sight from buyers. I help them re-arrange furniture pieces along the way. And, we address de-personalizing of spaces.


I address cleanliness, odours, pets, smoking, etc. This is where having an outside professional come in is invaluable to Realtors(R). I am the "bad-guy" for you. But, I do so eloquently and politely, yet assertively. It all comes down to the bottom line. My suggestions will get their property sold quicker and for maximum value. So, EVERYONE wins.


Once we have completed our Guidance Visit, I go back to my office, and do up an Official To-Do List for the client, broken down space-by-space, and e-mail it to them, and to you as well. This To-Do List is a detailed summary of our entire visit. They then typically print out the list, and complete it one item at a time and check off each task as they complete them. 


I take "before" photos of their property, and once you have officially taken listing photos, I ask for copies of the photos so that I can also list their property on my website under "Staged Properties for Sale" with a direct link to your website's listing.


Price for Entire Package: $225.00 plus GST

BUT...if you were to include my services, exclusively, in your listing package, then I am willing to extend to you my Preferred Partnership Discount of 20%. This means that your investment for this valuable service is brought down to only $180.00 plus GST = $189.00


Also, as a Preferred Partner, I would LOVE to add your name, small bio, and website link to my "Trusted Resources" page on my website!


Scheduling Criteria: I currently require 48-72 hours notice to fit in one of these appointments. Keep in mind that the average Basic Guidance Package runs about 1.5 hours. It CAN take up to 4 hours, but I have only run into a few of those. Those are typically the properties where the elderly couple lives, and they have raised generations of people there, so their home is FULL of stuff.


Scheduling Process: Typically, the Realtors(R) I work with tend to e-mail me with the clients' names, address, and contact phone number, along with any pertinent details. Then I contact your client for you and set up a time with them that works. Then, I confirm with you their appointment time. ALSO, for added convenience, I work days, evenings, weekends, and holidays.


Also, for YOUR convenience, I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, and Cash.


Payment Terms: Payment for each Basic Guidance Home Staging Package becomes due and payable immediately at the end of each visit. I have some Realtors(R) who leave a Credit Card # on file with me. I have one who gives me the number over the phone every time as they are more comfortable with this. I also have one who likes to meet up with me in person to make payment every time, as I come armed with a wireless payment terminal. So, the choice there is yours.


Now, because the selling process is fairly time-sensitive in every case, I am mindful to stream-line their To-Do list in such a fashion where the client finds it easy to complete the list. Most of the sellers can complete the To-Do Lists in under a week (except for in the case of suggested larger repairs/renovations/upgrades).