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What Kinds of Results Do Our Services Yield for our Clients?

This great 2-Story Character Home built in 1912 sits in the heart of Old Strathcona in Edmonton. Have been some updates made throughout, and has a self-contained suite with revenue potential in finished basement. Was listed officially, and Staged by us, on December 15, 2011. Is currently PENDING after ONLY 10 DAYS ON MARKET!! Listing Price $369,900 


This gorgeous brand-new 2-Story Home by "Look Homes" Master Builder in Cameron Heights, 2304 Cameron Ravine Cove NW, Edmonton sat on the market for 6 months with another REALTOR. Kerri-lyn Holland & Associates with Re/Max River City took over the listing on December 01, 2011. She had us Stage the vacant property, priced it right for the market, and it is now SOLD...in just 28 DAYS!!! The client (Look Homes) is obviously VERY pleased with their decision to list with Kerri-lyn, as she employed the perfect combination of sales practices for success! Listing Price $819,900 (This also goes to show that Staging certainly works for all property price-points) 




March 29, 2011

This great 1321 sq. ft., 1963, 4 BR, 2.5 Bath, bungalow in Meadowlark Park/Edmonton has many upgrades including windows, hot water tank, furnace, and renovated bathrooms. This home comes with a large double detached garage as well. Nice and quiet area with great mature trees, and large back-yard with loads of green-space.

The seller had this property sit Vacant on the market in 2010 for 90 Days (3 months) with no bites at all...in a hot market where inventory was moving in approximately 30 days.

They decided to list it again on March 05 of this year, 2011, AFTER having me come in and provide Home Staging Services for them. We Staged it on March 04. It was officially listed on March 05. 21 Days later, they have SOLD for 97.4% of asking price. I am so very elated for my clients!! 

SOLD ON MARCH 25, 2011 

ASKING PRICE - $379,900

SELLING PRICE -  $370,000











September 23, 2010

This upgraded, 640 sq. ft. 1 bedroom condo is in a condo high-rise where there were already 11 other similar units for sale.

My client had contacted me as soon as she had made the decision to list her condo for sale. The fact that there were 11 other suites for sale that had been just "sitting" on the market was worrying her. So, in order to gain the competitive advantage over the others, she decided to have me Stage her Vacant condo. She had already purchased her dream condo downtown, and was concerned about having carrying costs on the listed condo build up.

I went in with Rental furnishings and accessories and Professional Staged/Showcased her condo for her prior to her listing appointment with her chosen Realtor®.

She was officially listed and visible to the public on August 05, 2010, and she received an offer the following day. She accepted and was SOLD in ONE DAY!! (Average Days on Market were at 57 in Edmonton). Now, before conditions came off of the offer, the buyer had to back out due to personal life circumstances. 38 days later, she received her second offer, and she accepted it.

This is great proof that Staging those Vacant Properties can make all the difference in the world!

She did not sell her Staged property once in 39 days, but TWICE!!

Again, important to mention....this all occurred in a market where the Average DOM (days on market) is sitting at 57.  

She also received 99.3% of her asking price.

And, as we speak, those same 11 other comparable suties in the same building still sit on the market with no bites.




August 27, 2010 

In Edmonton, AB, we are currently experiencing market conditions where the average DOM (days on market) is sitting at 57 days.

We have partnered with a few Realtors® who hire us to go in and perform our Basic Guidance Home Staging Package for all of their listings. Realtors® are finding that when they enter a property to take listing photos, and their client has completed their official "To-Do-List" prepared by us, that their job is a lot easier. The reason for this is that the property is already fully Showing-Ready, and is showing in its best light. The Realtors® also always comment how nice it is to not have to move or shuffle excess belongings out of the way of photo shots when they get there.

One of these Realtors® is David Luong of Coldwell Banker Johnston. He hired us to go into his clients' home in North East Edmonton and perform our Basic Guidance Home Staging Package. We spent about 2 1/2 hours in the clients' home, implenting changes along the way. After the visit was complete, we prepared for them their To-Do list, and they got to work. They did an amazing job and simply transformed the presentation of their home with many small changes and tweaks. They did me proud.

So, in the latter part of August/10, when the average days on market were at 57, this home was listed, and SOLD in 17 days for 99.2% of list price. We Love these results. So, do our clients and their Realtors®!



BlogThis vacant 1080 sq. ft. 1980 bungalow in Westlock, AB, MLS # E3229159, was officially listed for sale in the start of May/10, where it sat with no offers for 6 weeks. The seller contacted us to provide a proposal for having the property Professionally Staged in the second week of June, and we ended up Staging it for her on June 19/10. We also ended up painting the exterior, front door red for them, which also brought a lot of new attention. The listing was renewed with the new photos on Monday, June 21/10. Just 8 days later, they received an offer, negotiations began, and the final offer was accepted on June 30. The offer had conditions attached (home inspection and financing), and the conditions were officially removed today, July 21/10!

So, in conclusion, this listing sat vacant with little interest for 6 weeks. The seller made the decision to have the property Staged and re-listed. It then officially sold in 9 days! It was much more effortless for buyers to envision moving in once it was Staged! It no longer felt cold, small, and it didn't echo inside the property anymore either! This is definitely another happy client!




This 960 sq. ft. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Bungalow in North Glenora was officially released in ComFree's print magazine without pricing on Friday, June 25, 2010. Their internet listing with pricing went live on Tuesday, June 29, 2010. The seller set up their first official showing for that Sunday, July 04, 2010. The first showing they had was an Open House. They received their first offer the NEXT DAY. There were a couple of days of negotiations, and they ended up accepting the final offer for 97.78% of Asking Price.

Prior to listing, this seller recognized the importance of photographing and showing their property in its absolute best light in order to get top results. They hired me to come in and perform our Basic Guidance Home Staging Package with them, during which a custom to-do list was created for them. They followed all guidance to a "T", and the ended up with a stellar product that sold very quickly, and for maximum value.

Keep in mind here that we are currently in a market in Edmonton where the average days on market (between both MLS and ComFree) is 44 DAYS. This seller ended up selling in ONLY 10 DAYS. Needless to say, they are very happy campers. 




This 4-bedroom, 3-bath, split-level in the Cumberland neighborhood of Edmonton was listed on April 12, 2010. It was sold for asking price in 1 day. We had gone in and performed our Basic Guidance Home Staging package with the client a few weeks earlier. We had given them many tasks to complete in order to prepare for their listing photos and showings. They worked tirelessly, and completed all instructions flawlessly. It really paid off, and they are very pleased. I don't think they believed me when I warned them that their home would sell very quickly! Here is the e-mail I received from them this morning:

Hi Rhonda,


We haven't moved but as you said we packed most of the things and put them in the garage. 10 out of 10 people said our home is nice, and guess what? Our home sold in one day after the market. Thank you for your help in the staging part. Take care.


Teryn & Sandy


This renovated 3-bedroom condo in the University area was listed on the morning of Monday, March 29, 2010. By 11 a.m. THAT DAY, they not only had their first showing, they had received their first offer for only a few hundred dollars less than asking price. I don't have to tell you that they accepted the offer. This condo was offically SOLD in 3 HOURS! This worked out beautifully for the client as they were expecting their second baby a week from that day. The quick, successful, easy sale was more than welcome in their situation. And, the Realtor(R), Mark Walker, was also very satisfied with the process. We had gone in a week earlier and performed for the client our Basic Guidance Home Staging package. Over the week following, the client had worked their butts off implementing all of our suggestions in order to prepare for their listing photos and showing. Their hard work really paid off!

Photos are courtesy of Infinite Eye Photography.



This gorgeous century character home in Groat Estates was listed on Monday, March 15, 2010. There were a few showings, and the official accepted offer for only $900 less than asking price, was made by Thursday, March 18, 2010. This means that their home was offically only on the market for 4 days in total. We had gone in on Friday, March 12 (3 days before the listing went live), and performed with the client our Basic Guidance Home Staging package. Over the weekend, the clients applied all of the suggestions I had made for them. On Monday morning, their photographer came in and took the official listing photos and uploaded them to the listing. Not only were the clients a little shell-shocked, the game to find their new home is now on. And, obviously, the Realtor(R), Mark Walker, was very pleased.

These photos are courtesy of Infinite Eye Photography.




This ComFree home located in North East Edmonton was officially listed for sale on February 15, 2010, after we went into the home and provided the homeowner with our Basic Guidance Home Staging Package. They had 8 showings in the first week on the market. Out of those 8 showings, 3 parties actually made an offer on the home. So, they accepted the best offer, the listing went "pending", and they had offically closed the sale and had conditions all removed by the end of week #2. They are very excited to move on to their new home that they are having built as we speak!











 This wonderful 2-Story Home on Silver Berry Road in Edmonton was officially listed on Monday, April 12, 2010. On April 23, 2010 (11 days on market), the right offer was accepted. In the 11 days, 2 offers were made. The clients were very pleased as they had a deadline to meet due to work re-location to Winnipeg, MB. They had me in to perform my Basic Guidance Home Staging with them on Friday, April 09, and they worked over the weekend on the To-do list we created together. They did an awesome job of implementing any and all changes I had suggested in order for their home to show flawlessly.

 Photos are courtesy of Infinite Eye Photography.


This amazing 2-Story, 1840 sq. ft. home on Barnes Way in Edmonton, was officially listed on Friday, May 07. Over the weekend, our client received 3 offers, one of which they accepted. That offer went "Pending" on Monday, May 10, and it officially SOLD 8 days later when the conditions came off. So, this home officially took 12 days to sell for very close to asking price. They were a little alarmed, but very happy. We had gone in on Thursday, April 29, and performed our "Basic Guidance Home Staging Package" with them. They worked on their To-Do list over the next 6 days, until the professional photographer came in to take their listing photos. I am so happy for this client as well. Great job!! Yet another story that goes to show that Home Staging works!